IBM NetObjects

Senior Web and Flash Designer/Developer
Marketing-Communications and Research & Devlopment

UI, Web Site Design and Products
  • Designed and maintained IBM-subsidiary Net Objects corporate web sites
  • Managed redesign of German and launch of British corporate Web sites (static HTML, Cold Fusion, JSP, ASP)
  • Supervised of developers and production designers
  • Flash development and production of numerous homepage campaigns and mini-sites
  • Designed and developed domestic and international e-commerce sites, and supervised design implementation via Digital River
HTML production and design web team leads
  • Full corporate site redesign cycle
  • Development of an in-house Oracle production tracking application
  • Interactive online annual reports in collaboration with Cahan & Associates
  • Online FEC filings and conferences
  • Following shutdown, contracted to provide support to companies (Merant, Macromedia and others) purchasing software products, 2001-2002
Product Demos and Other Media
  • Designed, developed, and produced a major, seven-segment product demo for an enterprise-level software application in less than two months
  • Designed, developed and produced in-house marketing presentations and 40-plus customized sales presentations


As the Marketing Communications Project Manager at NetObjects, I first learned I could depend on Robert’s coding skills and reliability in the context of his role as senior web designer and Flash developer. 

Later I leveraged those skills again in several extended and ambitious freelance projects involving complex Flash motion elements. When it came time for me to launch my own photography business, I turned to Robert to design and produce my own web presence; he came through with an elegant, motion-driven site that pushed my brand identity forward. 

Today I know he’s grown and expanded his skills as a creative director, and I’m sure his potential will continue to grow.

Joyce Perlman
UX Design Producer