Dickinson Design

UI/Motion/Print Designer, Developer and Producer

Dynamic and static sites, Flash and demos

Designed, developed, and produced dynamic Cold Fusion, PHP and Flash sites including ground-breaking ActionScript-driven Flash sites for the interior architecture firm Garcia+Francica as well as J. Perlman Photography and Rick English Photography. Other sites included OaklandLinks, SequoyahHome, GnomonSystems Software, SpellingRules.com, and others.

Developed and produced major Flash projects for bom.com and others including Barnett Design, Zaudhaus, and Sparkplug Graphics. Designed and produced Flash product demos for MultiDigit and WordWalla.

All brand collateral, custom Shopify e-commerce site and printed signage for Vermillion-Graham Design pop-up store launch, San Francisco, 2012-13.

Developer/designer/webmaster for Abeja.net, 2001-2013, and Devona.net 2015-16.